Drimee Solariums (foaling red light globes available)


Europe’s Top Selling Sirocco Solarium – EOFY Special Offer

Normally $5,720 > Now $4,920 SAVING $800

The Drimee Sirocco Solarium has been Europe’s No.1 Best Selling Infrared therapy Solarium since it’s introduction in July 2017!

The Sirocco Solarium comes fitted with:

6 powerful dual-action fans for Super Fast Drying or Cooling, 2 Dimmers for full control of the heat & brightness on the inner & outer banks of lights, plus a 50 minute timer for easy & safe use.

Set at the correct height the perfectly calculated curve helps give maximum infrared focus straight down the centre of the horses back whilst submersing the animal in warm therapeutic light.

Infrared helps to increase the levels of Vitamin D and can be used for warming and softening your horses muscles before & after riding, just a 10-15 minute session both before and after exercise can help to cut down on muscle strain and also reduce the build up of lactic acid!

The brilliant honeycomb design fans run on their own separate circuit to enable you to operate them without any heat from the bulbs therefore doubling up as an amazing COOLER whenever required!

Offer is strictly limited till EOFY