Specialising in Standardbred Rehoming


We are a well established rehoming facility in south Australia and specialise in standardbreds.

We accept;

Stallions, mares and geldings

Interstate horses- transport is arranged

Injuries needing rehab or time off

Straight off the track horses requiring a spell

Our rehoming program includes; our horses are spelled for 4-6 weeks (longer if needed) before starting their program, depending on the horse, the horse will do 1-2 weeks of solid ground work, 6 weeks of ridden education, exposure to roads, trails, beaches etc before finding their match via application.

Please note- this is dependent on horse and what they require, others do over the 8 weeks if required.

Post match, 2x free lessons are offered to assist with their standardbred.

Check out our Facebook page; Silver Shadows Rehoming and Education.