Looking for my next noble steed/superstar:

I am in no rush and will be very fussy. My current horse has left the standard very high of what I am after but it is coming to a time where I need to be on the lookout for something else as it will take a few years to have a horse half as good as Iv’e got.

🦄 Standardbred (must be freezebranded)

🦄 Gelding

🦄 Height: 14-15hh. No giants, nothing frail

🦄 Any colour but it needs to be flashy. If bay, brown or chestnut it needs to have 4 white socks, with or without a blaze

🦄 Age: the younger the better

🦄 Preferabbly a trotter. If pacing bred, needs to show minimal pacing characteristics

If you have something or know of someone that might, please contact me. Will have the best of homes.