Water/Dry/Fast Treadmills, PEMF/Massage Rugs – Instant Tax Write Off*



Why it’s a great idea to invest in Equine Therapy!!

  • Prepare: By utilising new technology you can get your horse anaerobically fit without the impact on their joints
  • Perform: Keeping your horses fit and sound means that they can back up week after week resulting in higher earning potential
  • Recover: You will save on vet costs as your team can help maintain your horses using the very best therapy products that are easy to use and can programmed to each individual horse’s needs

Animal Therapeutics is your one stop shop for all equine therapy needs. With an extensive range of therapy equipment to choose from our team can help customise solutions to suit one horse, a stable or therapy centre and everything in between so that you have exactly what you need to ensure your team are performing at their very best week in week out.

Water, Dry & Fast Treadmills

Our comprehensive range of equine treadmills means that your stable will be ready for anything regardless of the weather conditions outside. By using a treadmill you can keep horses anaerobically fit without the impact on their joints, which means your horses remain in top condition for longer

The Combi Pro Rug

Our most popular product to begin building your Activo Med therapy system. The only therapy system which delivers both Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) & massage in the one easy to use & cost effective system.

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*please confirm with your own accountant re the instant tax write off eligibility